Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yay, my butt hurts!

I know the title of this post sounds silly, but I felt yesterday's run today.  Hill repeats are a great way to work on ones running strength, especially the glutes.  So, that's why my butt hurt today.  But, it was a good hurt!  While I never had time to do any training today (more meetings with people with the new house, more driving for my daughter), all day long I felt yesterday's workout and it felt good.  Every day I realize more and more why my present approach to training is perfect.  I don't feel like I'm having to choose my training over my personal life.  I do what I can do.  Every so often, the thought of increasing training, doing the bike experience, racing, creeps into my mind.  But, I realize, do what I can, but keep the focus on being around for my wife and family.  They deserve it so much!  In fact, I probably could do this for the next 30 years and not give back what they've given to me.  That's why it felt good to have my butt hurt:).  Tomorrow is another busy day with lots of driving, but I do have some plans for the weekend.  The tri club I ride with is doing long tempo intervals on saturday, due to the 5K on sunday.  So, I plan to do both!  The idea of getting some good intensity in this weekend feels good.

I also got some new running shoes today, neutral shoes with some good padding, already feels like it's helping my heel, which continues to nag me.  Also, some self massage of the calf is helping.  Driving sucks, but I try to flex my foot as often as possible.

I'm also incredibly proud of my family.  My wife has been helping to orchestrate our move, provide moral support for both of our daughters, and for the last two days, taken care of our grandbunny.  My oldest daughter is putting in long days for a pretty intense graduate school class, and loving it.  My youngest daughter and son (in-law) is in Philadelphia working for our internet venture, which launches on saturday.  They've been essentially working around the clock.  Genetics, I guess:).

Oh, yes, our new hot tub is up and running.  Guess what I'm doing next?

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