Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finding Trust in Today's Starbucks!

I was going to blog today about moving...that's what I spent my day doing yesterday, and it may have been harder than Ironman St. George!  Unpacking 30 years of "stuff" is going to take a good part of the summer, if not longer.  However, my day started in an interesting fashion.  I woke up around 6am, that seems to be my "retirement" wake up time, stumbled to the counter in the kitchen of my daughter's house (where we're staying for the time being), grabbed my wallet, keys and I-phone and went for my walk to our new house about 1.25 miles away.  About one mile into the walk is my new favorite Starbucks.  On the way, being very careful, I read Moonracer's blog about Pinterest on my I-phone.  I recently read an article about reading while walking, but I only read on the sidewalk and keep an eye out for cracks, etc.  I learned that Pinterest is about pictures, and women really like it.  I may have a ways to go yet, but I'm going to try to learn it.  I got to Starbucks, got my L.A. Times, my Blueberry Oat Bar and ordered my Venti 2 pump Vanilla Soy Latte and went to get my Starbucks card out of my wallet, oops!  I had taken my son-in-laws wallet!  Alas, no money (we need to have a talk), and no credit cards (that's ok).  I realized that he probably needed his wallet today, so I decided to head back to the house.  The guy behind the counter said, "you can pay tomorrow, I've seen you here before".  Wow!  This is Starbucks, this is Los Angeles, this is 2012.  Granted, I've been coming here for the last few days, but trusting me for my $7, what has the world come to?  I know it's a little thing, and it is really good business, but it was nice.  Really got my day off to a good start.  I am a very trusting person, and sometimes we trusting people are taken advantage of.  In fact, I've contemplated the value of being a trusting person in an untrustworthy world and generally have decided that I'd personally rather go to sleep at night being trusting and recognizing that not everyone is to be trusted.  I need to be me in the end.

Speaking of being me, I decided to run back to my daughter's house.  Fortunately, I had actually worn running shorts this morning!  So, I got 2 miles of unplanned running in this morning, it felt good.  My feet hurt from months of ironman training, the race, and standing around all day yesterday with the movers.  But, running doesn't hurt, go figure.  Then, back to Starbuck's, where my 2 pump vanilla soy latte became a regular vanilla soy latter (needed the extra sugar with the 2 miles of running) and on to our new house to eat my blueberry oat bar, drink my coffee and read the L.A. Times (I still like a real newspaper in the morning).  There is some peace in the quiet of the morning in our new surroundings.  That's one of the reasons we bought the house, the yard is like an oasis.  Of course, the house is full of boxes today, the painters are here and I'm presently blogging in order to avoid unpacking:).  Well, enough of that.  Time to go to "work".

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