Friday, May 25, 2012

The benefits of massage

For the past few years, I have been getting a weekly massage.  I struggle sometimes with the cost of doing this, but with my training schedule, I've believed that regular massages have helped keep me injury free.  In the past 3 week, post Ironman St. George period, I had one massage.  In addition, I've driven from Denver to California twice, then drove to Northern California and back in the course of two days.  Plus, we've been unpacking...need I say more.  I've been noticing my feet hurting every day.  Tonight, I finally got a massage her in California.  I think that every muscle in my body felt tight and a little sore.  Now, it feels better.  I clearly must get back in the routine of taking care of my body.  Also, I think the soreness was beginning to mess with my mind a little in terms of training.  I've been looking forward to getting back to my regular training regimen, but have to admit, the soreness was tugging back at me somewhat.  I was also concerned about finding a good massage therapist, but I think that I've lucked out.  Some members of the local tri club that I've joined recommended someone to me, and she's different than what I've been used to, but seems to be effective.  I've definitely been spoiled over the last few years, and finding the right person can be challenging.  When you train for an ironman, you are pushing your body, it needs to be treated well, and massage is part of that.

No training today, if you don't count getting up at 6am and unpacking until about 4pm.  I even washed some windows in our new house.  My wife is beginning to wonder where her husband disappeared to, or perhaps I've been taken over by space aliens.  It's funny how new surroundings and a new life can help you change an evolve.  Just like triathlon, it's really all about the journey!


Chelsa Taylor said...

Excellent post. Massage is the best treatment for body relaxation. It having many benefits. It reduces your stress and so on.
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Thomas Sibert said...

Massages are great. i had to have tons of them when after getting "doored" while riding my bike. helped loosen up my muscles.

addypotter said...

I have heard a lot about the benefits of massage therapy. I am a chronic pain sufferer and heard massage can help. I am going to have to try it out. Thanks for list great list of benefits.

Milady said...

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randomlou55 said...

I wouldn't have taken massage into account when training for a triathlon. I will definitely remember this, though, because pushing your body in such a way is physically and mentally draining. Massage helps not only your body relax, but rejuvenates your mind, and lets you think you really can do something.