Sunday, May 20, 2012

I think I'm going to like my new life!

Yesterday started with a swim in the morning and ended with a swim at night.  The rest of the day was meeting with the landscaper, getting the carpets cleaned and watching our first show being filmed for our venture,  We had a blast all day!  My new swimming pool is "only" 33 feet long, but I can make do wearing a band around my legs, doing one arm swim drills, kicking in the deep end, or just swimming in circles at times.  It will be interesting to see how this goes, but I can swim whenever I want and that is great.  My recovery days will be wonderful. 

Today I got up and drove to Westlake to meet up with the Conejo Valley Tri Club.  Todays ride was the Rockstore climb.  I felt good and went to the front with two women and a guy about 4 years older than me.  Ultimately, they dropped me, but not by much.  It felt good to just ride based on how I felt.  I was sweating a bunch towards the top.  My breathing got hard.  My legs weren't screaming though.  It was really nice.  The descent down Decker allowed me to practice my descending skills.  The fun part was tail gating a McClaren that wasn't being an ass, he actually was keeping to the speed limit!  I still have a lot to learn about descending, but I felt fairly comfortable today.  Got back home and jumped in the pool with my family.  Mostly treaded water in the deep end to get some more kicking in.

Rest of the day was running errands and shopping with my wife.  Tomorrow, I drive to Mountain View to give a lecture to a bunch of doctors about how to make Medicare work.  We have trouble getting people to come to these.  I guess they don't want to know how to retire at the age of 53!

This week will be a little crazy, with driving to and from Northern California the next two days, moving into the new house the two days after that.  I'm bringing my running gear to NoCal, and will try to get in at least one run.  Mentally, I'm in a great place.  Physically, I continue to recover, my quads and hamstrings continue to remind me that I am just 2 weeks removed from Ironman St. George, and I'm (almost) 53 years old.  The body needs time to heal. 

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