Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's good to have my running legs back

Woke up this morning in San Jose, giving a lecture at noon, so had some time.  The Stevens Creek Trail is right near my hotel, the Hotel Zico, and I just ran on it until it finished and then ran some more along the peninsula on the San Francisco Bay Trail.  I tried hard not to think about time or distance, but years of running and being obsessive didn't allow me to completely free those thoughts from my mind.  The goal today was to just run and enjoy, did the "out" part pretty much in zone 2, very comfortable, breathing up to every 4th step, enjoying the scenery and just enjoying being out there.  My right quad was actually still a little sore from the bruising that I certainly caused running into the metal railing two days ago.  Fortunately, running didn't make it worse.  After what seemed like a reasonable amount of time and a reasonable location (somewhere between 5-6 miles/40-50minutes), I stopped, stretched for a few minutes (this is for my wife, who says that I don't stretch enough!) and turned around.  On the way back I did fartlek's (speed play for the non-runner reading this), pushing myself to breathing every 3rd step (Zone 3-4) for anywhere from 2-5 minutes, and alternating with just comfortable running  When I was within about 10-15 minutes of my hotel, I walked for a couple of minutes just to let my legs unwind.  Then, ran to the Hotel.  Seems that I ran about 80-90minutes.  Sorry, I'm not supposed to pay attention, but I'm weaning myself from that:).  My legs held up just fine.  Looking forward to my lecture.  I'm trying to teach doctors what it takes to be successful in billing for and caring for Medicare patients.  Turnout is typically poor, as doctors are stubborn creatures of habit who don't like listening to anyone (I can say this, because I'm one of them!).  While it goes against my nature, I'm starting to share that I'm 53 years old (triathlon years of course, as my birthday isn't until next month), and I'm retired.  Wouldn't these doctors like to learn how?  Or, would they rather continue complaining that Medicare sucks?

I am 17 days out from Ironman St. George, I felt good running today.  I think I'm recovered pretty well.  Tomorrow the movers come, though I'm sure I'll find a way to jump in the pool.  There's a 5K in Westlake Village in 1 1/2 weeks, supporting local senior services.  Can't miss that opportunity, and after todays run, I feel like a 5K would be just what the doctor ordered!  Now, I just need to avoid metal railings!

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Kevin Krajewski said...

I'd love to hear more about how to be successful with Medicare. Namely, how to get them in the door. 6% of my patients are on Medicare. 10% have Medicare advantage plans. I am an optometrist.