Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boulder Peak Race Report

Race Report

I think that this was my best consistent effort ever at Boulder Peak. My focus on the swim was exhaling under water. I think that I’ve often not done this as well as I can, so started off in the front and went out hard for the first 200-300 meters. In fact, I felt like I could actually see the lead group ahead of me for a while. When I started feeling uncomfortable, I backed off slightly, but really kept a solid effort throughout. I got to the first yellow turn buoy and thought it was a 90 degree turn, but it was more like 45 degrees, so turned a little too sharply and had to get myself reoriented. Tried to draft when I could, but at this point, was not doing much drafting. When I hit the next yellow buoy, turning back towards the beach I found someone who I was able to draft off of for the majority of the swim in to shore. Kept up a very solid effort the whole way. Swim time was 27:29 (my best ever by about a minute), 10th in my age group (within 30 seconds of 5th), 258th overall on the swim. Jogged up the hill to transition and had a very good T1 (actually waited to take off my wetsuit until I got to my bike and took it off successfully while standing—new for me), 1:09, 3rd fastest in the age group. Started off very smoothly on the bike and kept a very solid pace. Adam Prococki passed me about 3 miles into the bike (we actually came out of the water together, and he finished 4th in the age group), and had a few people in my age group pass me on the way towards Old Stage. Tried to maintain a solid effort, but also tried to keep something for Old Stage itself. I know that I did this pretty well, as I actually passed a few people going up Old Stage who had passed me on the way there. I have to admit, about half way up old stage I was definitely feeling the challenge, but never felt like I was blowing up or getting a side stitch. That said, it was hard! When I hit the top of Old Stage, I was able to get a solid effort going on the false flat on the way to the long downhill. I really feel like my effort on the bike was spot on. The rest of my bike was good, kept a very solid and “smooth” effort. I was focusing on a smooth pedal stroke today and really did well. Also, stayed aero almost the whole way (another goal of mine). As I got to the Diagonal, I was passed by a couple of the guys who I passed going up Old Stage. Tried to push fairly hard, but also was careful not to do anything stupid, wanted to enter T2 with some breathing ability left. Bike time was 1:18:27, which is my typical Boulder Peak bike time, 17th in the age group and 368th overall. T2 was excellent, 0:56 (4th fastest in age group) and I started the run comfortably for the first ¼ mile, actually right behind Marty Stanton, just as I was at 5430 Sprint. I caught and passed him about 1/3 mile into the run. Was breathing every 3rd step for the first 3 miles and at the turnaround turned up the effort to breathing every 2nd step, which I maintained for the whole way back in. This was not an easy run effort by any means. No one in my age group passed me after the turnaround and I managed to pass a couple of guys. Tried to push hard the last ½ mile and sprint at the end, not the fastest sprint, but I can say that I hit the finish line with out much left in the tank. Run time was 51:13, 20th in age group and 484th overall. I am quite happy with my effort today. I gave it everything and left it all on the course. My final time of 2:39:13 was 15th in my age group and 331st overall. One interesting note is how my final overall placing was actually better than both my bike and run placing, I guess a good hard swim is okJ. While not quite my best Boulder Peak time, I was just off by about 2 minutes, my placing and my effort were my best!