Monday, July 30, 2012

I need a routine

I realized over the weekend is that I've been missing having some sort of routine.  My grand experiment to be unstructured has not been a total success.  That said, I'm not sure that I had a choice!  Life has managed to once again get in the way of my training goals and desires.  The good news is that Lake Tahoe is 14 months off!

On friday I actually managed to run 4 miles, and my heel is holding up, just a little sore (enough to remind me to be cautious).  Saturday was a 1 hour bike ride with three 5 minute hill intervals up a 1/2 mile/11% hill in descending time (5:25, 4:55, 4:25) corresponding to what probably was around 210, 250 and 280 watts---love those bike calculators!).  Sunday was a 2 hour group ride which included the Rockstore climb (2.5 miles/6.5%), which I did on the wheel of someone better than me (who was nice enough to go easy), at tempo effort.  I couldn't wait to get to the top!  But it hurt so good!  Lots of hard efforts in the ride.

I manage to get into the pool for 15-25 minutes almost every day, so I'm keeping my form and some semblance of swim shape.

I wore my garmin of for my bikeride on Saturday.  Maybe I do need feedback to motivate me?  We'll see.  Today is a day of rest for my mind and body.  Even trying to avoid doing do much for the house!  Got in my short swim this morning, may do another one later on.

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