Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Princess and the Pea

I remember the story of the princess and the pea.  It is a reminder as to how little things can become bigger.  Life is a lot like that.  Yesterday, I was able to get in a nice 1 hour bike ride with a very solid 2 mile climb with an average gradient of 8%.  It was a great way to start the day, then got in some more swimming and then got my cortisone shot.  The cortisone shot caused the outside of my foot to become numb and my pain mostly went away.  My foot relaxed and some of the tight spots that I had in my foot went away almost immediately.  Later on, I would get a massage and find out that many of the tight spots and problems in my left leg had gone away.  So, on one hand, the plantar fasciitis itself leads to other problems up my leg.  Ironically, the "pea" was replaced by a numb foot.  I spent the next three hours on my feet dealing with contractors at my house and, while I wasn't having any pain, I didn't realize the impact of the numb foot.  Suddenly, I could hardly stand.  Walking around on a numb foot takes it's own toll.  I had no choice but to stay off my feet, got my massage, and then just rested.

I woke up early today, got in a short swim where I practiced my body position and kick.  Just read a good article reminding me that fish don't have arms or legs and focused on moving through the water without my arms.

I'm going to the office today to see how things are going with our business.  I'm hoping to start spending more time there in the coming months.  Fortunately, I get to have fun doing this.  Fun is a better "pea" as well!

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Bryonman said...

Yep. This confirms it. We are cut from the exact same mold. We do not know when to quit as a default setting - but we figure it out on the second try (the "ow hot" analogy applies here).

The cortisone will work ... if you allow it to work. I rarely hear a peep from the knee nowadays.

Rest up - spin rather than mash on the bike - swim like it's your job - just don't push too hard off the wall for a little while.