Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One Step at a Time

Today is Wednesday, October 3rd.  On monday, I started training again.  I was planning to ride my bike on monday, but some other plans came up and I was going to bag it when my wife insisted that I get out for a ride.  The moment I hit the road, I knew that I was ok.  I'd been worried a bit about my motivation, but that concern instantly disappeared.  I went out on a route that I've been excited about since I moved here, but I hadn't taken.  It's essentially a 12 mile out and back that takes me to into the Malibu Hills.  On Monday, I tried to ride as easy as I could, but a 500 foot elevation gain over 6 miles, coupled with 90+ degree temperatures assured that my heart rate would spike no matter how easy I tried to ride.  I was pretty short of breath and my heart was beating rapidly when I hit the turnaround point.  The ride home was enjoyable and I knew that I was back into my training.  A 15 minute easy swim rounded out my workout schedule for the day.

Tuesday, I did the same ride.  I left later, so the temperatures were already in the mid 90's.  I wore my heart rate monitor and at the top of the climb it hit about 170 bpm.  My lactate threshold on the bike when I'm in shape is about 156.  I have no idea what this HR meant, but I was breathing pretty hard as I got to the top of the climb.  Another 15 minute easy swim completed my workout.

Today, I felt a little better, my HR wasn't as high, and I got to the top of the climb feeling good.  I rode 2 miles downhill and then came back up a 2 mile climb that I did back in July going hard in 9:30.  Today, going "easy", it took me 13 minutes.  I've got a ways to go!  My ride today was almost 16 miles, and took me about an hour and 5 minutes.  My HR was around 150 for most of the ride.  It wasn't as hot today, but still was on the warm side.

Since my heel continues to be a bit of a problem, I will continue to focus on the bike and the swim for my training.  Ironman Lake Tahoe is just under a year away, and I need to be ready.  I want to be ready!  One step at at time.

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Lucho said...

So glad to see you feeling the pull back to training! HR is always erratic in the first few sessions. It's your body waking up!
And 90's!? We have storm front just moving in and it's ~38 degrees :)