Monday, October 8, 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes

One week ago I started training again.  I was pretty pitiful, but I just kept at it the whole week.  Today, I did the same ride as last Tuesday, albeit in much lower temperatures (probably around 65-70 degrees).    I kept my heart rate down in zone 2 most of the way and found myself going faster than last week.  I did my 2 mile hill climb, averaging a heart rate of about 140, with an occasional spike on the steeper parts and did the ride in 12:30, one minute faster than a week ago with a lower heart rate today.  It's nice to see that kind of quick response.  I've still got 3 minutes to take off for an all out effort, which would put me where I was earlier in the summer.  I'm already getting a goal in mind for this 2 mile hill. I'm thinking somewhere in the low 8 minute range.  Why not, I always set the bar higher than I can achieve.  In life and in sports.

Will get in a swim later today and hopefully talk to my coach in the next couple of days.  Kona is this coming weekend, which means it was a year ago that I decided to do Ironman St. George again.  Hard to believe that a whole year has gone by, and that instead of an ironman in 6 months, I've got 13 months to train!  I'm getting quite excited!

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