Monday, November 30, 2009

one armed swimming:)

Tired today, but hit the pool at the end of the day for about 20 minutes. Did one armed drills and kicking drills. You can't cheat on the one armed drills when you can really only use one arm! This may actually be good for my form. Did some dolphin kicking, which is good for the core. All in all, a good way to relax after work. Went home and just hung with the family. This is what life is all about:)

Recap of last week: 12 hours, all on a computrainer. Depending on who you talk to, this is the equivalent of 16-18 total hours of riding outside, which would be like riding 300 miles. The 220 "actual" computrainer miles is the second highest volume I've ever done for a week. The neat thing is that my quads would be a little sore the morning after riding, but fine within 24 hours. I keep thinking that I am going to be in the most awesome bike shape come St. George! Now, I just need to get the shoulder and hip healed up:)

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