Wednesday, December 2, 2009

50 yards in 50 seconds

Interesting day in the pool. Did my one armed stroke focusing on my form and feeling very relaxed and comfortable in what is now my typical time of 75 seconds. I then tried to go a little faster while maintaining my form and got it down to 60 seconds. Finally, I gave it everything I had, but really had to keep my form and alternate hard kicking with solid form and managed to do 50 yards in 50 seconds. This wasn't all out, and I'm not sure I can actually swim "all out" with one arm. This was a real confidence builder insofar as I'm now quite certain that I can begin to regain my swim endurance and keep my form. I'm not really worried about my left arm not being as strong, as in the end it's still all about the form.

On a side note, the Republicans are making a big deal about the recent suggestions by a very competent task force regarding mammograms. It's amazing how politics keeps bpeople from being logical. Tests can actually create problems, and abnormal results can lead to procedures and complications. Data is data and it's not politics. That said, while I support the present health care reform bill, it's not because I think it's going to do much, it's just going to move a very large rock out of a very large hole and begin to try to change a system that is broken. So, the Democrats have their political rhetoric as well.

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