Sunday, December 6, 2009

St. George Here I Come!

So, yesterday I loaded my new St. George Ironman Bike Course Real Interactive Video onto my computer and computrainer and rode my bike (indoors) for 4 hours. This is exciting for a few reasons. I got to actually see the course from T1 through mile 57, which basically covers all of the uphill portions and some of the downhill portion of the course. I always ride slower than my wattage would suggest on my computrainer, so my relatively small distance for 4 hours doesn't concern me (It typically takes me close to 3 1/2 hours to ride the 56 miles of the 5430 course on my computrainer, and I've done that course in 2 1/2- 2 3/4 hours on race day). Anyway, I'm excited for two reasons. First, here it is, early December, and I'm riding 4 hours indoors. It's actually the longest indoor ride I've ever done. Second, I only have a small amount of soreness in my quads the day after doing this ride.

I'm five months from race day and I know that I'll be in great bike shape for the race. I'm really not worried about the swim, that will come once I can use my left arm again, although I continue to be encouraged by my one armed swimming! That leaves the run, and that will be whatever it is, but I'll have between 3 and 4 months to get in run shape. Having completed an open marathon several years ago on very minimal run training (about 15 hours a week, longest run of 5 miles), I know that I'll be much better prepared than I was for that marathon!

Took today pretty easy, swam in the morning, did a radio show after that (that was fun!), and then did a recovery ride on my bike. We had company this afternoon and saw the latest rough cut for the first two episodes of Little Blossom, on our big screen t.v.! It was awesome! I continue to be so proud of my daughter. She is an editing genius!

Lots going on at work, and I have a pretty full week ahead of me. I'm trying my best to ignore the political situation, as I have no control over it.

I'm six weeks removed from my bicycle accident and feel like I'm healing pretty well. I let someone hug me yesterday, however, and my shoulder hurt the rest of the day. No more hugs:(, at least not for several more weeks.

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