Friday, December 4, 2009

Rest Day:)

Realized that I've actually done some type of workout every day for the past two weeks, so, in preparation for this weekend, I took the day off from exercise. My allergies/sinuses have also been bothering me, which tends to happen when I've pushed the exercise a little too hard anyway, although that's always hard to tell.

Spent the afternoon with my family, we went to Best Buy and raided the $4-5 movie bin! Now that I'm a television producer, I've really got to watch as much as possible to learn more about the business:)

Justine is "in the zone" with her editing for Little Blossom. She will be finished with the rough edit of the second episode this weekend. It's looking terrific, I couldn't be a prouder father.

Had a great week at work, really getting back in the groove and doing what I enjoy. Did some house calls today, and spent some delightful time with the sharpest 98 year old I've met in awhile! My two little fractures don't really mean much compared to some of the things that my patients live with.

Will be kicking back and taking it easy tonight!

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