Monday, October 13, 2008

Time to rest

So, five days to go before the race. I had a one hour bike and 40 minute swim scheduled today, but I listened to the advice of my coach and cut them in half, as work and life got in the way (amazing how that happens). Did get a massage before leaving town and the spasm in my back is gone. Now, it's just time to try to relax and let everything come together over the next few days.

I had a 3 hour drive today to Rifle and worked at the State Veterans Home for a couple of hours before having dinner and watching Heroes (ok, so I admitted that). The folks at the Veterans home are always fun to talk to and they are truly amazing people. This is a generation that will truly be missed. I can't share their stories in a blog, but suffice it to say, they are the true heroes of our time.

Tim sent me a nice e-mail today reminding me not to stress over workouts this week and just make sure I get enough rest. The endorphin taper is amongst the hardest! I sometimes feel, however, that that is one of the things that allows for amazing things to happen to race day. When the endorphins hit suddenly, we can accomplish anything!

I've got my strategy mapped out, my week planned. I think I've decided not to wear a watch for the race, I can only give it everything I have, the result really shouldn't mean anything. It's the effort that matters. That's what I tell my kids.


wassben said...

You have to experience it to know it. DAD

Endorphins- Opiate-like hormones that are manufactured in the body and contribute to natural feelings of well-being.
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Endorphins: The Natural High
When a person is physically active or exercises for a certain period of time—about 20 minutes or longer—the body releases endorphins, proteins in the brain that act as the body's natural pain reliever.

Endorphins - a group of proteins produced naturally by the body with potent analgesic properties (similar to morphine). These are the brain chemicals that contribute to the "runner's high" or good feelings during and after exercise

Fern said...

Sounds like your time spent at the VA Hospital was interesting. You should write a book!