Sunday, October 12, 2008

More pain

I realize that over the last seven weeks I've actually had very little time that has been pain free. Yesterday, while running, I reached across my body to uncover my Heart Rate Monitor and tweaked my right lower trapezius muscle where it attaches in my mid back. I've done this before and it's not fun. I hurts when turning or breathing. I felt it during my entire run but didn't let it bother me (good practice), and felt it during my 3200 yard swim this morning and didn't let it bother me. It will be better in a few days, as it always is. It's funny how these little things pop up in the most odd ways. I rarely seem to hurt myself while running, biking or swimming, but will tweak my back picking up a newspaper, twist my ankle walking from my car to the house stepping on a crack in the driveway, etc. I'd like to think that pain builds character, but all it probably tends to do is add stress and fatigue. Oh well, I'll live with it.

Six days to go until race day. I'm now officially in full rest/taper mode. My swim today was actually great, as it was my longest swim workout in years. I'll do a recovery swim tomorrow and should have the opportunity to swim a little on Thursday, so I'll be raring to go come race day. Other than that, my legs feel good today.

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