Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last day of "work"

It's hard to believe that twenty five years ago this month I got my first paying job as a licensed physician.  Today, I head out the door for my last day of "work".  I'm not done being a Geriatrician.  There is still so much to do to advance the health care needs of seniors.  While I can truly say that it has never really been a job, from now on it will only and always be my passion.

It has been an incredible journey.  From the very beginning I have always loved what I do.  But, it has also been about making a living.  And, about making a difference.  Sometimes, it has been hard to discern between the two as I reached higher and higher up the career ladder.  This is something I will never have to deal with again.

My future as a Geriatrician will never be about making a living.  It will solely be focused on caring for seniors.  Through my new website (, I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned in the past thirty years, and to carry on the journey of discovery that we should all do on a daily basis.  I absolutely know that I will volunteer to be an educator of young, and hopefully old, clinicians.  Needless to say, my passion for triathlon will continue to be an example for others that we can be physically fit as we get older.

I can not ignore the daily articles about the financial future of Medicare.  I have been part of an incredible group of people who have demonstrated that we can deliver compassionate, cost effective and appropriate care to seniors. My mission to share this knowledge with others, especially the legislators that have been tone deaf to hearing it, will not only continue, but in some ways has only just begun.

Last, and most importantly, when I wake up in the morning I can savor gazing at my beautiful wife.  I don't "have to" be at work, or at a meeting, or even getting a workout in because I "have to" get to work.  My journey and my passions would not be possible without the support that she has given me for the past thirty years.  I look forward to the next thirty.

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