Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being "In the Moment'

I haven't blogged in a week, but a lot has been going on.  Fortunately, in some ways, less of it has been training.  Still it's funny how yesterday's 4 hour workout barely felt like 40 minutes.  Today's 90 minute run was over just like that.  I'm in the best shape of my life and may even be biking better than ever.  My run capability is about where it's always been, but as my coach reminds me, the ironman run is about the bike.  So, if I can hold up well on the bike, we'll see what I can do on the run.  I've been working on "being in the moment".  It's a good thing to do in life in general, but it is also a very good thing to do in any race, especially an ironman, which is going to be 11-12 hours long (hopefully closer to 11 hours this year).  Dwelling on ones past doesn't do any good in life or in racing.  If you had a bad patch during the race, thinking about it the rest of the day does no good.  Enjoying what the race feels like, the surroundings, the spectators, the energy of racing, that's what it's all about!  Life is the same way.  Enjoying things as they are, when they are, that's healthy.  That's where I'm trying to be.  In five more days I'll officially be "retired".  Not sure what that truly means, but I'm looking forward to enjoying every single day and doing the things I like to do.

We've continued to spend time packing, seeing old friends, thinking about where we're going to put things.  In 8 days, we leave for St. George.  After the race, we drive to California and then fly back for the final packing and the final move.  Lots of thoughts and feelings.  We have good friends here.  Our daughters are there.  We love our house here, but the new house should be everything we've ever wanted in a house, and what isn't we'll make it so!

Lots of ironman thinking.  Planning how I'll start the swim. In the front, go out hard, see what happens.  I've been swimming well and I think that I can maintain a solid effort without pushing into the red, but also without just going slow for no reason.  I've got a goal in mind for the bike based on what my training has been telling me.  The first 22 mile stretch will be key.  Ironically, I won't know my pace, because I don't plan to take any electronic devices with me.  Last year, I did the first stretch  @ 18.5mph.  My training suggests that I could do this leg of the race closer to 20mph.  That could translate to doing the whole race closer to 19mph and get me to my sub 6 hour bike split goal.  Whoops!  I'm not being "in the moment".  But, at least looking ahead is better than looking behind.  Besides, I do believe in visualization.    If I visualized a 5:54 bike split, maybe it will come true!  Finally, my run is taking shape.  I'll have the advantage of being 2500 feet lower than I am now, which usually translates well for me.  Going to sea level often gives me 30-45 seconds/mile.  I'll take 20 seconds per mile at St. George, do the marathon @ 8:40 pace, and call it a day!

My body is  reacting well to my taper, the workouts feel good, I feel good.  My throat is doing better today after making the mistake yesterday of swallowing an open capsule of Salt-Stick....potassium burns like hell, but it's much better today.  When it happened, I was just starting my workout, and I kept going and put it out of my mind, staying "in the moment".

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Bryonman? said...

Wow! You and I are both burning that candle a bit. Busy is good. Keeps us out of trouble. I hope to be around that 11/12 mark too. Be safe!