Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Ironman Weekend

I've now spent two three day weekends in a row essentially doing the equivalent of a full ironman.  Friday I swam 3800 yards, then rode my bike for 5 hours, with 4 of those hours being at ironman effort and pace.  A total of 93 miles of cycling.  Then Saturday I put in another 3 1/2 hours of cycling, 61 more miles, with about 90 minutes forcing myself to push ironman + pace.  That was mental, all mental!  My body didn't want to cooperate, but I forced it to by setting an average wattage goal on my power meter and then holding it.  When I got off the bike, I went on a solid 3 mile run and my legs felt surprisingly ok.  Sunday was my run day and 15.5 miles later, I knew that I was ready for St. George!  My legs were dead, but they cooperated.  Included in this run was 5 one mile intervals at faster than ironman pace...and I held the pace pretty well!  Doing an ironman within 48 hours is a great way of tricking the body to get the work in.  I'm feeling a bit of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness tonight (monday), but not too much.  Tomorrow is another recovery day and then back to the grind in Wednesday.  Two weekends in a row of doing ironman volume with tons of ironman effort is serving to improve my confidence levels to never seen before heights!  I'm even starting to have some "time goal" thoughts.  You're not supposed to do that with ironman, but, what the heck!  I might as well dream!

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