Monday, March 12, 2012

55 Days to St. George

It's been awhile since I've blogged. So much has been going on, I should recount some of the things. I spent February in California visiting my daughter, who got married and started a new job and move in the fall. I was able to get a ton of great sea level training in during this time, including 5 days of cycling 360 miles with over 6 mile of climbing. Oh, we also bought a house near my daughter and we'll be moving in May, after Ironman St. George. I'll also be going into semi-retirement at that time, which I'm quite excited about. So, I'm winding down at work, packing, spending time with my wife, and continuing to train for Ironman St. George. My training was going great until my wife and I finally got the respiratory virus going around about 12 days ago while driving back from California. It kicked my butt a few days, but hell, I showed it, running a half marathon on the fifth day of the bug, and then running another 15 mile this weekend! All at low to moderate intensity, there's a very fine balance between training/exercise and illness. My training and fitness are better than ever, and, I shouldn't admit this, I'm going to smash my previous times at St. George! Our new Internet business in California is about to take off. What else is new? I think that's enough. Of interest, we always have to remember that to some degree, stress is stress, when it comes to the impact on our bodies. Our system doesn't always appreciate the difference between good and bad stressors. So, this afternoon I get to rest, aside from dealing with an overflowed toilet and clogged plumbing. Seems like we've been dealing with one plumbing issue after another all winter. The new house looks good, though. I've also been enjoying the comedy channel, which is any channel showing the republican primary. I'm quit e tired of the people calling for the appeal of "obamacare", so, it wasn't the best bill, but the people condemning it have no clue as to what was wrong, or right, about it! Health care has been my business for the last 20 years, and, the Affordable Care Act isn't the end of civilazation as we know it! While this blog has historically been about my athletic pursuits, I may extend out a bit from that onto other issues in e future.

55 days to go before St. George. At this time last year, I put in about half of the long bikes and long runs as I've done this year. If I can bring this home over the next 8 weeks with some solid runs and bikes and swims, it will truly be fun to see what my body can do. 52 years old and getting stronger and fitter, I love it!

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