Monday, December 5, 2011


In 2009, due to my hip socket fracture, I couldn't start running until January, then, did 6 long runs of 12-18 miles prior to St. George. I run/walked the marathon in 5:02, so this worked to a point. In 2010, I began my long runs again in January and did 10 between 14-20 miles (average of 17) prior to race day. Again, I did the marathon in 5:02, albeit after a bike that was 25 minutes faster. I also had GI problems that slowed me down, but my legs felt fine. This year, it's early December and I've already done 4 long runs. My coach has me aiming for a total of 16-20 prior to race day. I'm hoping that this is my year to have a breakout run. My 16 mile run today felt really solid, and I've had no soreness afterwards. My first long run last year didn't happen until January 16th. I've got six weeks until January 16th, and I've already completed 4 solid long runs. I'm on pace to do my 16-20 long runs. This gives me the confidence that I need to have a successful run at St. George this year. I'm excited and I'm confident. I'm ready and committed to the task before me.

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