Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Easier" is faster

This week is a rest week, except for swim, and although I went into yesterdays swim on the tired side, I really focused on my form.  Whenever it seemed hard, I really concentrated on relaxing and going "easier".  So, that's how I go faster!  Swimming faster seems to be one of those counterintuitive things.  Relaxing actually helps you swim faster.  I have to wonder if there are similar approaches to biking and running.  I have a feeling that there are.  While they may not have the same magnitude of effect, I'm sure that relaxing while biking or running will help with economy and actually allow one to work less for the same speed.  

I've really been working on my form this past year on the swim and it's really starting to pay off.  A year ago, keeping 1:40 pace/100 yds was a challenge for 300 or more yards.  Now, it's a pace I can keep forever.  Yesterdays workout was 400, 400, 300, 200 with only 20-30 seconds rest in between and keeping 1:30 pace for the last three of these (the first one was done easy), was quite doable.  I just have to remind myself to stay calm and relaxed whenever the swim seems to be getting tough.  Don't try to swim harder, swim easier!  There's the mantra.

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