Thursday, January 29, 2009


Did my final training run before Sunday's race today. Rest week's are always tough, I generally feel lousy. My allergies are worse, I don't feel at my best, my sleep is more irregular. Yet, I went out today and ran 6 miles, the first four as a warm up and the last two at my expected race effort. I did those in 7:19 and 7:05 and my HR came up to just below my lactate threshold. This bodes well. I tend to gain 15-20 seconds per mile at sea level from whatever I've been doing at altitude. The best part is that breathing limits me at altitude, but my legs will limit me at sea level. I know that my legs can maintain a 6:50 pace.

So, there it is, I'll go out at 6:50-7:00 pace, get the one hill over with (the fourth mile), and then see what I can do to the finish. I'm hoping to keep the 6:50 pace throughout. I'm hoping to remember what it felt like to turn the pace up on the treadmill when things got tough and just try to turn the pace or effort up during the last few miles when things get tough.

1:29:27, I've been visualizing that number. It's what I expect to see at the finish. I've read about athletes doing that. I hope my body can translate that visualization into the proper effort and pace.

I'm capable.

I'm ready.

I'm there.

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