Saturday, March 28, 2015

Oceanside 70.3 Race Report

This was my first race of the year.  I'm coming off a torn posterior inferior serrates 2 months ago which caused a rib to pop out.  It still has been hurting a little, but doesn't affect my training at this point, and actually was not an issue today. It turned out to be a very interesting race today at the Oceanside 70.3. I Didn't hit my times, but had one of my best placings ever in a 70.3, so go figure.  Was 33rd in my AG out of the water (my worst swim here);  but was 20th in my AG off the bike (also my worst bike, from a time perspective);  was actually thinking of just going easy on the run, very briefly, and decided to go with my original run plan, which I did, and by the time I hit the finish line I was 13th in my AG...have never moved up like this before, maybe there's a lesson in this:).  And, I left it all out there today, I was close to passing out at the end:)  My swim was uneventful, solid effort the whole way, sighted pretty well, drafted occasionally, never got hit, but didn't feel fast today, maybe my form wasn't perfect, but it wasn't bad, I just felt a little sluggish.  That said, all of the swim times were slower today, so I may not have been that far off my usual swim on this course.  Very solid T1, actually ran the whole way and was out quicker than I've ever been.  On the bike I never really felt good, but I just kept pushing.  Interestingly, my power splits were very consistent.  These are every 5 miles:  (NP/AveP) 192/169, 168/162, 171/163, 168/165, 179/169, 181/166, 181/174, 187/169, 179/167, 163/160, 148/138...the last 8 miles my left aerobar shifter came loose (just replaced aerobars due to Specialized recall)...I spent the last 8 miles forced into my aero position out of fear the shifter would pop out, definitely stopped focusing on effort... back tightened up being forced not to sit up intermittently, which I do like to do...was getting worried about run:)...Ave Power for ride was 163w, NP was 175w, actually not too was windy, felt like I had a headwind most of the way today...the fact that I moved up 13 places on the bike tells me I actually rode ok.  Also, drives me nuts how many people were drafting..ridiculous, and I was good!  4:00 T2, a little long as my gear was moved a little and it took me longer to put on my shoes...still, not bad.  As soon as I started the run I looked at my watch and it showed ~8:30 pace with breathing every 5th breath.  What the heck! Decided to go for it and carry out my original plan.  The first 7 miles were done breathing every 4th step and my pace was right around 8:40...At mile 8 I increased effort to breathing every 3rd and around mile 11 I felt like my legs weren't quite cooperating, but I still pushed, breathing probably got up to every 2nd step...I was punishing myself.  While miles 11 and 12 were ~9:10 pace, I managed to do the last 1.1 miles in ~8:50 pace and hit the finish line 13th in my AG...I've never moved up like this before.  All in all, I think I paced the bike reasonably well and definitely left it all out there on the run.  Nutrition was fair, took in ~700 cal on the bike (200 cal UCAN, 400 cal Tailwind, one gel), but miscalculated fluids and didn't drink the last 40 minutes...took in a bunch of fluids the first half of the run and then started to feel a little sloshy so backed off....not too bad, probably was a little dehyrdated at the end, but doubt it affected me much.  I have to be happy about this, especially, when my one constant goal was met, and that is that I left it all out there today.  I had nothing left in the tank at the end.

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