Friday, September 20, 2013


I never got to blog yesterday because I have having such a good day with my friend Rudy.  Two more days before Ironman Lake Tahoe and Rudy noticed today how relaxed I am.  It helps to have done this three time before.  It helps to have been preparing for the last year.  It helps to have a friend along to absorb some of my neurotic tendencies.  I spoke to my coach today, and he reminded me to just enjoy the day on Sunday.  Ironically, I'd already figured that out.  Yesterday, I met someone on the elevator who said, "I can't wait to get off the bike and start the run".  This really struck me.  Why do an ironman if all you want to do is get off the bike and get on the run?  Granted, there may be moments during the bike ride, especially after around 80 miles, where this type of thought may cross ones mind.  But, certainly, I don't think this is something to be thinking about before the race even starts.  Well, to each their own.  Everyone has their own reason for doing an ironman.  It's just that comments like this that make me very comfortable with my reasons.

I'm looking forward to Sunday.  I'm looking forward to enjoying every second of the day.  I can't wait to cross the timing mat and going into the water (the starting cannon won't have the same meaning in this race as everyone won't be starting at the same time).  I can't wait to just enjoy the beautiful clear waters of Lake Tahoe for 2.4 miles.  I always find the transitions to be challenging and exciting in their own's part of the sport and something I plan (obsessively and excessively some would rightfully say) for.  I can't wait to ride my bike through the Lake Tahoe area.  The scenery is gorgeous.  I've taken great pains to make sure that I don't get too cold on the bike...that wouldn't be fun!  I will remember to smile throughout the day.  If I have tough moments, smiling can change negative body language.  There will be fast descents, there will be beautiful climbs.  I will enjoy handing my bike off to a volunteer at the second transition.  Getting off the bike after 112 miles is always a unique experience.  I will be loving the feeling of changing into my running shoes.  Finally, I get to run through some more beautiful country.  I will keep smiling.  I will keep reminding myself of my passion for triathlon and for life.  I will remember that I've really tried to live my life, as Chrissie Wellington put it so well, "without limits".  I will feel no limits on Sunday and I will keep smiling, even as I get to the last 10 miles of the run.  My body might try to rebel, but my mind will smile:)

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