Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Easy Rider

Just went for an easy 2 hour bike ride today.  Was almost able to maintain that concept for the whole ride, but of course someone passed me.  I tried to maintain and easy effort while keeping up, and I think he realized it and let up so I could catch him.  Riding on the flats was ok, but going up hill was the tough part, it was easy to him, but not so much to me.  Nevertheless, I kept up, not out of typical male need to keep up with the other guy, but because he was just a nice guy and we actually were able to chat for the last part of my ride.  Turns out he was a former european professional cyclist.  Nothing major, but still.  I definitely didn't feel too bad having to work hard to keep up.  Today was just one of those "volume" days anyway.  The weather was beautiful and it was nice to just be out on the road.  A short swim when I got home and then a half an hour with my NormaTec compression device.  I'll probably do some Compex tonight, in keeping with the concept of focusing as much on recovery as the actual workouts.

Two days in a row of writing!  While cycling today, I realized that I just need to sit down for a brief period of time and write every day.  This blog is more for my sporting endeavors and the occasional life epiphany., on the other hand, is meant to continue to allow me to share my thoughts on the field of Geriatrics and senior health care issues, something near and dear to my heart.

See, that wasn't too hard, was it?

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