Thursday, June 21, 2012

Training, in life

Since my last post a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned my plantar fasciitis.  It continues to nag me, but life has really been the nag for the past two weeks.  Construction on our new home, personal life challenges, dealing with a start up business, dealing with issues from my old business, it seems like I'm busier now than I was when I was "working".  I have realized one thing.  When I was working full time, my wife dealt with a lot of these things.  She dealt with contractors.  She dealt with our rental properties.  She dealt with the bills.  She dealt with the kids.  I "just" went to work.  Granted, I was a workaholic and took work home with me every night.  Granted, work was often far more stressful than I let on.  It's certainly all relative.  My plantar fasciitis seemed better for a couple of days, then got worse again.  I wonder how much is my body just rebelling right now?  My training has slacked off big time, I blame it on not having any time (which is partially true), but in reality, I'm just not feeling it at the moment.  The fact that my heal hurts with most every step doesn't help, but I can still swim and bike.  I've signed up for an olympic distance tri this weekend, and may not know if I'm doing it until Sunday morning.  Part of me just wants to do it for fun.  Part of me is worried about worsening my foot.  Part of me is just tired.  Could I make my foot worse?  Possibly, but in reality, if my heal acts up too much on the run, I could just pull the plug on the race and have gotten in a good swim and bike workout.  Well, maybe life isn't quite like racing.  I can't really pull the plug on life.  I've got to finish.

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Bryonman said...

A wise man with the cyber-handle 'Wassdoc' taught me to be patient. I am now returning the favor.

Take a rest man! You have earned it. Change the routine around a bit. Race for fun. Race for life. When {x} becomes a chore - you should probably change it up a bit, right? Focus on the important things.