Sunday, March 13, 2011

Attaining Goals

When I look back over the past eight weeks, I actually have trouble believing what I've achieved. My buildup of running and biking as been nothing less than remarkable. In fact, I'm achieving goals that I've never been close to before.

In the last six weekends my run totals have been as follows: 20, 22, 18.5, 25.8, 23, and a half marathon (18). In terms of solo runs, in four of the last five weekends I've run 20, 20, 19, and 19 miles.
In terms of biking, for the last 8 weekends I've had bike totals of 94, 100, 85, 116, 80, 0, 80, and 88 miles.

For St. George, I probably still need to get my bike volume up a little bit more. However, from a run perspective, I'm ready. Last year, I never came close to these run distances or totals. It bodes well for me achieving my goals at St. George.

Even more amazing is how I've felt after these weekends and runs in particular. Really, no soreness to speak of. Plus, I'm just enjoying the long runs, they don't really seem very long. This will be nice on race day. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to a short day in 3 weeks at the California 70.3 half ironman!

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beth said...

thanks for the comment. Ok, now where is your race report? slacker!