Saturday, August 28, 2010

What's Important in Life

So, last night my daughter is driving my wife's car (my wife was a passenger) and someone literally turns into them at an intersection. My wife has a cold and is already coughing, so her bruised/strained sternum is certainly no fun; and, my daughter is just hurting everywhere. Fortunately, they just hurt. No major injuries, although I'm sure it will take them a while to feel better.

First of all, I'm really proud of my daughter. She still is driving with her learner's permit, so this certainly freaked her out, but not until after the accident. Her quick reflexes and good reaction to the situation was to be commended.

So, I had been planning to do the Deer Creek Century tomorrow. That doesn't really mean anything right now. I enjoy training, I enjoy working out. I love my family. Nothing else really matters without them. So, tomorrow I'll spend the day at home helping out some more. That's what is important in life!


Shel said...

Thank you, Dad. :) This made me feel really good...I love you so much!

Fern said...

So glad the accident was not worse..very proud of Raishel.
love you