Monday, August 10, 2009

The day after

I only slept 7 hours last night, as I continue to have dreams, perhaps nightmares, of our television production. A full day of work (my regular job), and I really only began to feel pretty tired at about 3 pm. Not bad for the day after a half ironman and especially after the last week. Somehow, I think that my fitness level has allowed me to survive the last week.

I realized today that I have completed 3 half ironman's in a span of 18 weeks. And, all of them have been done within a range of 19 minutes (from fastest to slowest). Not bad for consistency. I look back at yesterday and know that I could have broken 5 hours if I'd been well rested, but it reminds me yet again that the time matters less than the effort. If I gave it everything I had, than I can be proud and happy with the result. I was more sore today than I'd been after a race in a long time. It was total body soreness, which is a good sign. I was fatigued, but manageably, especially as I survived a full day of work followed by a dinner meeting for Little Blossom.

My coach ( has told me that I must rest the next few days, and he is right. Even if I feel like exercising, it must be easy. I don't want to get sick at this point in time.

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