Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Journey to a Place I Never Thought I'd get to

I remember reading about Mark Allen going to another place to avoid or get away from pain and suffering during a race.  I've never thought that I'd be capable of doing that, but today I may have found that place, at least for a little while.  I did a hard bike workout and then got on the treadmill for a run and began practicing my "brain training" to keep the twinges and pains and spasms at bay.  Well, about 10-15 minutes into my run, I realized that it was almost like I was somewhere else, in a way outside of my body, and just running.  I really tried to lock this in from the perspective of how I will feel towards the end of the California 70.3.  So, instead of responding to pain, spasms, discomfort, like I did at Boulder City (slowing down a little in order to keep the muscle spasms at bay), perhaps I could learn to override them and go to another place where there is no pain.  Anyway, something to practice.  

The irony is that all of a sudden, the injury that I suffered 3 weeks ago is now looking like a godsend.  I've not only trained through it, but I've learned new mental techniques to allow me to do so.  If I can transpose these techniques on race day, look out!

Another stressful day at work, but I was committed to leaving early and getting my workouts in this afternoon.  I managed to get out (leaving a pile on my desk for tomorrow) and get home in time to get in the bike and the treadmill workout.  I was supposed to play poker tonight, but my daughters have friends over and it was actually an opportunity to take my wife out to dinner and have some time together.  Couldn't miss that:)  Speaking of which, that's what I have to get back to:)

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